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Darkness of the Titan

The best game, a masterpiece in perpetuity and individuals, which just becomes more attractive over time. The gameplay includes only fights with employers, which, nevertheless, must always be found one way or another in the rather large expanses of the game world. themselves are real puzzles with platforming, racing and tricks. The dimensions of some bosses are really colossal, and you actually have to climb them for a long time and also laboriously to plant the sword in the Achilles & #39; ‘ heel. By the way, the game has a haunting atmosphere of a doomed world, and the enchanting songs will stick with you. ever in your memory.

Shin Megami Tensei: Character 3

Board game fantastic with many distinct gameplay components. In addition to the standard JRPG fights with monsters and also employers, in Persona 3 the player will have to go to the game. college, taking tests and also figuring out how to invest leisure in the evenings – all this will influence the attributes of the character. Here is the initial system of cards with summoned animals that can be crossed and thus obtain new animals. Persona 4 has also been launched on the PlayStation 2, which proved to be even better than its predecessor. However, character 3 has a huge advantage over the fourth installment: loyal fans have converted it perfectly into Russian.

Quiet hill 2

Scary dark, considered; as one of the best exponents of the perpetuity style. The story here is a true work of art, and also the visual part with a foggy city and also a bunch of horrible beasts goes all the way up to the point. that particular day. Quiet Hill 2 is a timeless classic that all (and not only) survival horror fans need to touch. Yes, just as in video games there is up to 6 radically different endings, which depend on the actions of the character throughout the passage.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Remarkable stealth action from Hideo Kojima, the founder of the Steel Equipment collection. Events will send the player into the Cold War, and the action itself will take place in thick forests, teeming with all sorts of threats. The gameplay is very diverse; : invisible movements, survival, fights with average enemies, fights of remarkable employers and, of course, an effective tale, associated with it. to cinematic cutscenes. Snake Eater has been qualified best PlayStation 2 game of 2004 by numerous magazines. An emulator for playstation 2 roms can allow you to play Nintendo games on your PC.

God of War II

The second part of the journeys of the unfailing Kratos is not without consideration; among the best and also the most beautiful games for the PlayStation 2. This slasher is content to extract all the graphic juice from the console. And besides a great picture, the video game displays adrenaline-filled gameplay and also a whole number of battles with various bosses from ancient Greek folklore.